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logical ('l-ji-k&l) adj.
capable of reasoning in a
clear and consistent manner
  view ('vy) n.
a perspective rooted in past experience or knowledge
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At Logical View, we are builders.

Instead of drawings and blueprints, we use prototypes and specs. In lieu of hammers, drills and saws, we build with algorithms, logic and syntax. Of course a house needs a foundation, framing and a roof, just like a software application needs structure, standards and documentation. A house needs to accomodate its users through doors, windows, switches and fixtures--and software needs to accomodate its users through forms, reports, boxes and buttons.

The point is that building a house is a crucial decision because people will live in it. We feel that building software is equally crucial because people will work in it--every day. And your business depends on them.

Our structure will never keep the rain off your head or house the in-laws at Thanksgiving, but we do promise to bring the same care and attention to detail to our work that a home craftsman might bring to his.

We build software because it is our passion. It is what we do.

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