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About the technical details...

This modest little site was built with manual generated HTML (I typed in all the tags and codes by hand), server-side VBScript and client-side javascript. I used a notepad-like editor called EditPlus, which has a lot of nice extra features not the least of which is that it color-codes the HTML and script code for easier reading.

For the dynamically generated pages (Quotes and Links), I used text files in lieu of a database to store the content. There is a minimum amount of data to store and read, security isn't a big issue here, and most importantly, I didn't want to incur the expense of getting access to SQL from my hosting company.

Finally, I decided to post my phone and email address information as a graphic file instead of text. I didn't want that info to get picked up by any screen scrapers and used for spam.

Feel free to contact me with any design or technical suggestions or comments. Thanks!

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