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This page contains a selection of videos about business and technology that I've found useful in my classes as well as informative for myself. In fact, I received an Honorable Mention from MindgateMedia.com for the way I've used many of them in my courses. Enjoy!

Some things never change... Does a group of people know more than any one single individual? Apparently so. An entertaining vignette about the wisdom of the crowds.

Business Return to Top 
An interview with Michael Porter, the father of the Five Forces model for analyizing competitiveness and using it to implement a business strategy. Cisco CEO John Chambers explains how abandoning command-and-control leadership has enabled the company to innovate more quickly, using collaboration and teamwork.
A very good illustration (literally) of Harvard Business School's Clayton Christensen's theory of disruptive innovation. A classic story of disruptive innovation at Polaroid (remember them?) told in a slide show.

Information Technology Return to Top 
A lighthearted and deciptively simple illustration of the key attributes of what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about. A short clip by the Garner Group on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) best practices. The last statement in the video is probably the most important.
A three minute briefing on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). A three minute briefing on Software as a Service (Saas)
Cloud computing is the new best thing ever. No it isn't.

History of Computing Return to Top 
A fairly long, but interesting retro film of the birth of timesharing at MIT. The Xerox Alto--The GUI, WYSIWYG, networked computer that inspired the Macintosh and eventually Windows!
Charles Babbage's Difference Engine come to life! A Turing Machine come to life!
A fast-moving, expert primer on the history of the internet (not the web). History of computers in 87 seconds. (But where's the Commodore 64?)

Hardware / Architecture Return to Top 
Von Neumann architecture and modern PCs. How AMD makes a chip.
Grid Computing - World Community Grid OK. So your TomTom can get you from Peoria to Chicago. But what if you're just trying to find the men's room in a shopping mall?
A virtual tour of Dell's global fulfillment network circa 2007. A fascinating look at one of the premier made-to-order companies in the world. A rare inside look at one of Google's data centers in Mountain View, CA circa April 2009.

Internet / Web Return to Top 
The next 500 days of the world wide web according to Kevin Kelly editor of Wired magazine and the former editor of the Whole Earth Catalog. The first few minutes of the video trying to measure the web is fascinating.
Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, talks about what's next. Amazon found, Jeff Bezos, looks at historical innovation and some parallels with the web today.

Software Development Return to Top 
Lesson learned: Agile=Good, Waterfall=Bad. The SCRUM development methodology in 10 minutes.

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