Some fish eat plants. Others eat meat. These meat eaters hunt to get their prey. Here are just some of those kinds of fish.

The archer fish is just like Robin Hood—well, almost. Instead of a bow and arrow it spits water at insects outside of the water. The water knocks them out and makes them tumble into the water so the archer fish can eat them.

Another sea critter that uses spit is the blue-ringed octopus. It’s spit is poisonous and can kill a person in minutes.

The deep-sea angler fish has a rod growing out of its head. At the end of the rod there’s a glowing light that fish think is food. “Hmmm, this would be good for supper,” the fish thinks. When the fish gets close the angler fish gobbles him up. The female is about three feet, and the male is about only three inches!! When the male is born it goes and starts looking for a wife. When the male goes and makes his choice, it grabs onto her skin, and they stick together forever!

Is anybody in the mood for cut-out cookies--flesh cookies that is! Cookie cutter fish are really sharks. They get their name from the cookie-cutter shaped chunks of flesh they pull out of their prey when they bite them. Yuck. I don’t think I’ll have grandma’s cookies ever again!

The swordfish has a long bone shaped like sword growing out of his mouth. It is very sharp. He is hard to catch. He uses his sword to cut up nets and also to ram into wooden boats. His sword grows longer the older he gets. A sword fish loses his teeth when he is old because he no longer needs them.

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