You’ve probably seen fish move underwater with their fins. But there are some sea critters that move in strange ways. How strange? Well, just scroll down!

The remora is sometimes called the “hitchhiker” fish. It has a suction cup on its head that it attaches onto other fish to get a ride. He might as well carry a sign around saying “Other side of the ocean or bust”. Some people actually use the remora fish to catch sea turtles. They put a string on the remora fish and when the remora attaches itself to a turtle, the fishermen just pull it in!

Manta rays actually do somersaults in the water to catch plankton to eat. They open their mouths and scoop up the plankton as they tumble along.

A nautilus is like a little octopus with a shell. The nautilus squirts water out of their head to make them move. It sounds like a great ride at the amusement park!

Salmon spend their whole life journeying. They start out as babies in a pool far, far from the ocean. They swim to the ocean over waterfalls and streams. They travel over 2000 miles to get to the Pacific Ocean where they get big. After a while they decide its time to go back to where they were born. They have to swim upstream and jump up the waterfalls to get back to the pools. After this great journey they lay their eggs and then die, because they have no more strength left. It’s like a great big circle—like the circle of life from “The Lion King”.

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