1. Which sea critter is the biggest critter in the ocean?
   a. Sea Turtle   b. Great White Shark   c. Blue Whale   d. Remora fish

2. A cookie cutter fish pulls off bone from its prey that is shaped like cookie cut-outs.
   a. True   b.False

3. You can fit inside a Blue Whale’s blood vessel with room left over.
   a. True   b.False

4. Which fish squirts water out of its head to make it move?

5. The sea turtle sleeps with one eye open.
   a. True   b.False

6. The male archer fish is 3 inches long and the female archer fish is 3 feet long.
   a. True   b.False

7. The cowfish looks like which barnyard animal?
   a. Horse   b. Pig   c. Chicken   d. None of these

8. The archer fish knocks out its prey with what?
   a. Sand   b. Water   c. Bubbles   d. It’s tail

9. The blue-ringed octopus’s spit is poisonous.
   a. True   b.False

10. The swordfish’s sword is made of what material?
   a. Bone   b. Blubber   c. Scales   d. Coral

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