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The Canada Branch
Canadian Palangio Reunion
Canadian Palangio Reunion, July 2011

The information below is pouring in from the Palangio's of Canada.Many thanks!
It is understood that Vincenzo James Palangio disembarked at Ellis Island from Campobasso, Italy with his brothers John, Peter and Philip in the late 1880's. Philip contracted Typhus and was quarantined on the island. It is said that they never saw him again thus it was presumed he died there.

I do know that Vincenzo was born in the Campobasso area near Frosolone from what his sons have told us. When some Canadian relatives went there about fifteen years ago, they discovered that the church that housed the birth records had burnt down years before. Apparently the area around Molise and Abruzzi was ravaged during WWII. Some records were destroyed. Some say the Palangio's come from Abruzzi, others Molise. Both are correct since both areas were combined at one time.

The Province of Campobasso is administratively divided into 84 Municipalities with a surface area of 2909 square km and a population, in the census of the year 2000, of 235,452 inhabitants. The present territory of the Province was not the same as in past centuries. After the unity of Italy, in 1861, the borders of the whole Molise region were fixed along the Fortore and Volturno rivers and the region was united to Abruzzo for about a century. After the Second World War there was a strong movement to make the region autonomous, and in December 1964 a constitutional law established Molise as an independent region with one Province, and capital Campobasso. On 2 February 1970 52 municipalities of this Province were separated and a new Province, Isernia, was established.

The Beginnings:

Cosomo Palangio married Angela Teresa Ianiro sometime in the mid 1800's in St. Pietro in Vale, Abruzzi, Italy. They relocated to the village of Frosolone, near Campobasso in Molise, Italy and had the following 11 children:

Maria Donata, Filomena, Immaculata, Maria Gracia, Assunta, Michelangelo, Carmen, Vincenzo (b. July 22, 1861), Felice (Philip), Giovanno (John) (b.1869) Pasquale (Peter) (b. April 2, 1877). Vincenzo, Felice, Giovanno and Pasquale emmigrated to North America via Ellis Island, New Jersey sometime between 1885 and 1890.

*Giovanno Palangio* Giovanno (a.k.a. John) Palangio (1869 - 1959) married Filomena Vendetti (1884 - 1964). They had four children:
•Rose Palangio married Frank Colouics
•Angeline Palangio married Joe Papone
•Mary Palangio (no marriage)
•Nicoline Palangio married Nicholas Cangiano- 4 children: Jean (Charlie Anderson )Cangiano, Rita (Bud Frair) Cangiano,Donny Cangiano, Norma (Alan Hart) Cangiano

*Felice Palangio Felice (a.k.a. Philip) Palangio contracted Typhus on the trip over to the U.S. and was quarantined on Ellis Island, New Jersey. He died shortly afterwards. Burial place is unknown.

*Pasquale Palangio (a.k.a. Peter) Palangio married Lucy (name unknown). They had five children:
•Corsie Palangio married Beatrice
•AnnetRita Palangio married Ed Scappatura
•Theresa Palangio married Joe Pagano
•Jeremy Palangio (no marriage and now deceased)
•Michael Palangio married (name unknown)

* Vincenzo (James) Palangio Vincenzo James Palangio (1861 - 1939) & Teresina Mary Mastropietro (1871-1949) (married 1/22/1892 in Jersey City New Jersey.) Their children:
  Charles Albert 1895-1929 married Jennie Thorkelson in Cochrane, Ontario
Charles had three children: Nina, Robert, Betty and Victor. They owned and lived in a hotel in Cochrane and all perished in a fire on New Year's Eve.

Rosa Marie (1896-1990) married Egidio Virgili in North Bay, Ontario
Rosa (Virgili) had five children: Victor, Norma, Mary, Albert, and Rita. Her husband was a carpenter and a musician.

James Albert (1898-1955) married Mable Wright in Cochrane, Ontario
James had one child: Victor. Victor married Alice Cote in Cochrane, Ontario and had 3 children: James David and Treena.

Michael Angelo (1900-1982) married Anne Sheridan(1906-1969) in Cochrane, Ontario
Michael had two children: Mickey(deceased 2001) and Patrick. Patrick married Evelyn Hannan and had 4 children: Bill, Mary-Anne, Tony (deceased) and Ian. Pat currently lives in Grimsby Ontario.

Mickey married Rita David in Timmins, Ontario(?-4/20/01) They have 5 children:
• Michael David (1953) married Loreen Strumbel (of Cleveland, Ohio)-no children. Lives in Cochrane.
• Lawrence Paul (1954) 1st Marriage: MaryAnne Trusz of Cochrane, Ont. 2nd Marriage: Donna McRae-1 child, daughter Carissa Rose Palangio. 3rd Marriage to Susan Johnson(of Cochrane)-2 children: Carley and Serena. Lives in Emsdale, Ontario.
• Shane Robert (1955) married Claire Secord of Cochrane, Ont. Divorced. No children. Lives in B.C.
• Tracey Lynn Patricia Regina Teresa Marie (1960), never married, no children, lives in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. She is their only daughter and when born, everyone threw a name in. Grandfather Michael named her Teresa in honor of his mother.
• Jaysen Mathew (1966), never married, has one son Kyle (1994) Lives in Maple Ridge, B.C.

Philip Albert (1904-1907)
Philip died as a child. He is buried here in North Bay.

John Albert (1902-1972) married Rose Notte(1907-2002) in North Bay, Ontario
John had three children: John Jr., Ronald and Arthur. John Jr. and his wife Adele have four children who are all married: John(1957-1996), Mark, Roseanne and Jennifer. Ronald never married and died in 1979. Arthur and his wife Helen have five children who are all married: Ronald, Joseph, Richard, Jamie and Vincent;

Carl Albert (1906-1971) married Mary Thompson in North Bay, Ontario
Carl had one child: Karen (no record of marriage)

Peter Albert (1908- ) married Dorothy Doyle(1908-1938) then Irene Dwyer(1913-1986)PETE PALANGIO PLAYED FOR THE CHICAGO BLACK HAWKS!!
Peter had two children in his first marriage: Peter Jr. and Sylvia; one child in the second marriage: Rhondi. Peter has four children (Stacey, Kerri, Peter, Randy). Sylvia lives in Grand Island, New York and has three children (Eddie, Vince and Cindy). Rhondi has one child (Allessandra).

Angela Theresa (1911- ) married Bruno Zorzini in Las Vegas but resided in North Bay
Angela (Zorzini) had no children

Thomas Leonardo (1913-1998) married Alice Lewis in Toronto but resided in North Bay TOM PLAYED HOCKEY FOR THE ST LOUIS BLUES(where he met his wife!)
Thomas had two children: Tom Jr. and Robert Paul. Tom Jr. has three children (Alissa Catherine, Thomas William and Teresina Ann). Robert has three children (Kara Lea-Ann, Meghan Alice and Andrew Stephen).

Ellen Regina (1915- ) married Ernest Roy(1914-1991) in North Bay, Ontario
Ellen (Roy) had one child: James (1947-). He is married to Ratana (Saralertsophon) and has 2 children: Marisa (1991) and Chanon (1993)

Mastropietro Tree: Michaelis Mastropietro was born 1843 in Frosolone, Campobasse, Italy. He married Dominicae De Maria (date unknown). They had six children, five born in Italy. They emmigrated to North America around the same time as the Palangio's and settled in Jersey City where they had another child. Their children are as follows: Maria (Bayone) (b. 1866, Frosolone, Italy; d. January 19, 1919, New York); Michaelli (b. May 1870, Campobasso, Italy); Thomas (b. 1872, Campobasso, Italy; d. 1957, Jerzey City, U.S.A.); John (b. 1874, Italy; d.?); Theresa (Palangio) (b. March 18, 1871, Frosolone, Campobasso, Italy; d. 1949, North Bay, Ontario); Anna (Siciliano) (b. 1879, Campobasso, Italy; d. ?); Carmine (b. 1888, Jersey City, U.S.A.; d. 1892, Jersey City, U.S.A.).
Vincenzo and Family
John Palangio Wedding, June 27, 1928
Back: Angela Teresa, Peter Albert (the hockey player), Carl Albert, John Albert, Michael Albert, James Albert, Rosa Marie, Charles Albert
Front: Ellen Regina, Vincenzo, Teresina (Mastropietro), Tom Leonardo (Rob's Father)

Rob and Family
Rob Palangio and family, 1999
Back:Daughters Meghan and Kara, Rob, Dan and Alissa (Palangio) Leblanc, Tom (brother) and his other two children, Teresina & Tom Jr.
Front: Paula (Rob's wife), Andrew (son), Phyllis (Tom's wife)

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