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Welcome to the Palangio website. I am Ellen Palangio Baca. This is my first stab at posting information about the Palangio family (my father's side of my family). The information I have at the moment is scant, and not very well organized. But I figure that Rome (or Campobasso, for that matter) wasn't built in a day, right? So, based on a few emails, family phone calls and some pictures, here it is. Many thanks to my husband Michael Baca for helping me get this project started on the web.

Our North American Palangio history, as we understand it, began at Boston Harbor in the 1880's when our great grandfather, Felice Palangio entered the United States from Frosolone, Campobasso Italy.

From what we understand, some of the family settled in Jersey City NJ. Others went to North Bay Ontario. We, the Canadian and Rhode Island Palangio's are trying to determine how exactly we are related. Unfortunately, we understand that the birth records in Italy were destroyed in the Church fire years ago.

A special hello to the Palangio's of Canada and Rhode Island. We love to hear from you and all other Palangio family and friends.

Please visit our discussion board, browse our family history, or email me at and provide me with your Palangio family history, pictures and stories to add to our website! And tell us how your relatives entered the US. Maybe some answers can be found in ship records.

Our Rhode Island Palangio's has asked me what Palangio means in Italian? Anyone know the answer?
From the Old World...

Campobasso, Italy
Campobasso, Italy the New (well... sort of)

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