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The New Jersey Branch
Dominic Palangio and Consulata Force's children:
  Felice Palangio (8 children)
Pasquale (7 children)
Jennie (?? children)
Anna (?? children)
Felice Palangio and Filomena Ianiro's children:
  Nicholas Palangio
Colsulata Talarico
Angelina Lorri
Rose DeCarlo (7 children)
Netti Lapaluso (2 children)
Daniel Palangio (3 children)
Dominic Palangio (2 children)
Nicholas Palangio and Hazel Lapham's children:
  Philip Palangio (died 1992)
William Palangio (no children)
Doris Palangio (died as a child)
Philip Palangio and Ellen Brinskele's children:
  Philip Palangio married Charlene (1 child Alexandria)
Robert Palangio married Nancy Barlics
   (2 children Kimberly and David)
Thomas Palangio married Lucy Cunningham
   (2 children Michael and Erin)
James Palangio (not married)
Ellen Palangio married Michael Baca
   (3 children Natalie, Alex, and Ben)

Phil in Alaska
Phil Palangio
Kodiak Island, Alaska
On location as part of Western Electric's
installation of the DEW Line
circa 1950's

Philip & Ellen & Children
Ellen, baby Ellen (me!), James, Thomas, Philip Sr. (front)
Philip Jr. & Robert (back)
circa 1965

Felice and Daughters
Felice Palangio and daughters
Nettie, Lena, Lotti, Rose

Palangio Family
Nicholas Palangio (seated)
his father Felice (upper right)
his wife (behind him) and siblings

Nicholas Palangio ID (front)
Nicholas Palangio ID (back)
Nicholas Palangio ID Card
circa 1942

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