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Events of 1942
Date Event
Jan 01, 1942 Declaration of United Nations signed in Washington
Feb 19, 1942 Executive order 9066 is signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, confining 110,000 Japanese Americans, including 75,000 citizens, on the West Coast into relocation camps during World War II. The remains of the first of these detention camps reside in California's Manzanar National Historic Site. These camps would last for three years.
Jun 04-07, 1942 The Battle of the Midway is fought at Midway Islands in the Pacific with the Japanese fleet encountering its first major defeat of the war against the United States military. As the Battle of Midway comes to an end on June 7, Japan invades the Aleutian Islands, the first invasion of American soil in 128 years.
Jun 20, 1942 The development of the first atomic bomb is signed into agreement between the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Hyde Park, New York.
Aug 07, 1942 The United States Marines land on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands in the first American offensive of World War II. A naval battle would commence on November 12 for three days with the U.S. Navy able to retain control despite heavy losses.
Nov 08, 1942 North Africa is invaded by United States and Great Britain.
Nov 28, 1942 Coconut Grove nightclub fire in Boston kills 492
Dec 02, 1942 The first nuclear chain reaction is produced at the University of Chicago in the Manhattan Project, creating fission of the Uranium U-235, under the direction of physicists Arthur Compton and Enrico Fermi.
, 1942 Nazi leaders attend Wannsee Conference to coordinate the “final solution to the Jewish question,” the systematic genocide of Jews known as the Holocaust.
, 1942 Women's military services established.
, 1942 Enrico Fermi achieves nuclear chain reaction
, 1942 Executive Order 9066: More than 120,000 Japanese and persons of Japanese ancestry living in western U.S. m

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