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Events of 1945
Date Event
Feb 03-11, 1945 President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and Premier Josef Stalin hold the Yalta Conference in the Soviet Union. It is agreed that the USSR will enter the war in the Pacific arena against Japan.
Feb 19, 1945 Thirty thousand United States Marines land on Iwo Jima. On April 1, American troops invade Okinawa, beginning the Battle of Okinawa, which would continue until June 21.
Mar 01, 1945 American troops cross the Rhine River at Remagen, Germany. Two weeks later, on March 18, twelve hundred and fifty U.S. bombers attack Berlin, causing Adolf Hitler to announce the destruction of his own industries and military installations one day later.
Apr 12, 1945 President Roosevelt succumbs to a brain hemorrhage; Vice President Harry S. Truman assumes the presidency and role as commander in chief of World War II.
Apr 30, 1945 Hitler commits suicide
May 07, 1945 The unconditional surrender of Germany at Reims, France concludes the military engagements of World War II in Europe. It is accepted by General Dwight D. Eisenhower in his role as the commander of Allied troops in the European theater of the war.
Jul–Aug, 1945 May 8 is declared V-E Day. Potsdam Conference (Truman, Churchill, Stalin) establishes basis of German reconstruction
Jul 16, 1945 The first atomic bomb, the Trinity Test, is exploded at Alamogordo, New Mexico, after its production at Los Alamos.
Aug 06, 1945 President Harry S. Truman gives the go-ahead for the use of the atomic bomb with the bombing of Hiroshima.
Aug 09, 1945 The second bomb is dropped on Nagasaki, Japan.
Aug 15, 1945 Emperor Hirohito of Japan surrenders.
Sep 02, 1945 Japan signs official surrender on V-J Day
Oct 24, 1945 United Nations established
, 1945 First electronic computer, ENIAC, built.

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